Outdoor Stage

Built by AmeriCorps NCCC and RAIL volunteers, the stage is a space for community events, performances, and ceremonies. In 2015, our first outdoor movie night was hosted by Shentel. Since it was erected, RAIL has sponsored numerous bands to put on concerts for the community free-of-charge.

AmeriCorps NCCC team building the stage
Buddy Allen & The Cheat River Band (Summer 2021)
RAIL Staff (Jamie Williams, Heather Richmond, Dewey Houck, April Franco, Caitlyn Davis, Erica Shrewsbury)
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RAIL Staff spreading the word about the upcoming concert (April Franco, Caitlyn Davis, Erica Shrewsbury)

Fun Fact: The Mullens Community Theatre achieved notoriety through its performance of the city’s brief encounter with the Hatfield and McCoy feud in the early 1900s.