Community Projects

Part of RAIL’s mission is to promote environmental education through community projects. We do this by building park and recreation facilities so residents of southern West Virginia can enjoy the beauty that surrounds them. Local and visiting volunteers have helped RAIL accomplish this goal. There is always more work to be done, and volunteers are always welcome.

RAIL staff and volunteers.
Guyandotte River Park

With the help of boy scouts, AmeriCorps, and RAIL volunteers and staff, the Guyandotte River Park has become a community resource for Wyoming County. Learn more

Boy Scouts help complete the MOC ramp.
Boy Scouts help complete the MOC ramp.
MOC River Ramp

The MOC River Ramp is an ADA-compliant ramp outside the MOC that allows for easy river access. Learn more

AmeriCorps NCCC finish the MOC stage.
MOC Outdoor Stage

Built by AmeriCorps NCCC and RAIL volunteers, the MOC Outdoor Stage is a space for performances, events, and ceremonies. In 2015, our first outdoor movie night was hosted by Shentel. Learn more

Picnic tables and shelter on the local Mullens trail.
Tater Hill Park

RAIL and AmeriCorps NCCC built the shelter and picnic tables on Tater Hill in Mullens. Learn more