Earth Day 2022

Celebrate Earth Day Kayaking & Fishing on the Guyandotte River on April 23, 2022 

Sponsored by RAIL

Kayakers on the Guyandotte River

A. Choice of starting point:  

1. Mile Post 0 on the Guyandotte Water Trail at Winding Gulf Park between Amigo & Rhodell – starting at 8:00 am 

2. Mile Post 9 on the Guyandotte Water Trail at Mullens Opportunity Center in Mullens – starting at 10:00 am 

B. Choice of competition: 

1. Kayak race against the clock for fastest time ($300 prize given for Winding Gulf starting location and $250 prize given for Mullens starting point) 

For those choosing Winding Gulf Park, the event begins on Tommy Creek – under the highway 16 bridge. Check in with the RAIL volunteer stationed near the highway at the new sign. Event ends at Guyandotte River Park (Mile Post 17.1), 0.4 miles west of Wyoming East High School near New Richmond. For those choosing Mullens, the event begins to the left of the Mullens Opportunity Center at the end of the handicap ramp. Check in with the RAIL volunteer stationed in the parking area (inside the fence) at the top of the ramp. Event ends at Guyandotte River Park (Mile Post 17.1), 0.4 miles west of Wyoming East High School near New Richmond. 

2. Fishing from your kayak for either longest fish or most fish caught ($200 prize given for longest fish regardless of starting location) AND ($200 prize given for most fish caught regardless of starting location) 

All fishing is CATCH AND RELEASE 

Must complete the course from chosen starting point to Guyandotte River Park to be eligible for a prize.  

For souvenir tape measure, check in with the RAIL volunteer stationed at your chosen starting location (details given above). 

For length competition, take a picture of your potential winner with fish stretched beside your new tape measure. Share photo with RAIL volunteer at the Park so length can be recorded for prize consideration. 

For most fish caught competition, have RAIL volunteer at the park record your total to be compared with totals of other participants. 

NOTE: Participants are eligible for both prizes – longest fish and most fish caught.