Rural Appalachian Improvement League, Inc (RAIL) was founded in 2001 by community volunteers to help build a new and sustainable social structure and economic base in the southern West Virginia coalfields. RAIL is a grassroots organization that believes the local people – especially the youth and young adults – must be directly involved in solving the social and economic problems that exist in the community. RAIL believes that competent, creative, energetic, and qualified leadership at the local level is essential to community building. RAIL also believes that a base of operations that allows interaction with all the people in the community is essential. These beliefs are based on over 20 years of experience working with the people, agencies, and others that offer assistance in local community building. RAIL’s efforts are focused around community and economic development, helping individuals in recovery from SUD, and promoting healthy lifestyles. RAIL operates out of the Mullens Opportunity Center (MOC) in the City of Mullens. To learn more about RAIL’s current programs, visit the “Current Programs” tab on the website menu above.