Healthy Lifestyles

Wyoming County Diabetes Coalition

RAIL’s Healthy Lifestyles program is coordinated by Charlene Cook, the Director of Operations at the MOC. The program is funded by the Marshall University Center for Rural Health and provides a wide range of offerings.

Residents who want to learn how to lose weight and exercise sensibly can join the MOC’s Shed Unwanted Pounds weight-loss group. Our support group welcomes residents of all ages, and participants meet in the gym every Monday and Wednesday at 5 p.m. We often hold sessions on cooking light and participants talk about weight loss tips and success stories. The program is followed by line-dancing classes.


Our program has been featured in a number of local newspapers and media outlets. In 2014, the Wyoming County Report also featured an article on the MOC’s garden beds for residents with physical limitations. Our healthy eating initiative also aligns with the MOC’s agricultural projects and Farm to School programming.


RAIL also offers exercise classes and health fairs throughout the year. Many local residents use the MOC facilities to walk and exercise indoors, especially during the fall and winter months. To learn more, please visit our Facebook page.