Current Programs

RAIL currently offers numerous programs. Our weekly program offerings include gentle yoga, a walking group, line dancing, an addiction support group, and GED/HIGHER EDUCATION classes. You can also learn about RAIL’s recycling program, and Community Theatre Group You can find our weekly program schedule under the “Current Programs” tab on the website menu above.

Gentle Yoga (indoors)
Gentle Yoga (outdoors)
Line Dancing with Patty Scott, locals, and visiting AmeriCorps NCCC team members

Acknowledgement Statement: This project is supported by Marshall University and the Division of Community Health at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine to support population health outreach projects in five counties in southern West Virginia with the goal of reducing the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes and improving health outcomes. 

Jeanine Jones

Another program we offer is SMART Recovery, which is a group that is meant to help both people and families that are either struggling with addiction or in recovery. The leader of this group is Jeanine Jones