Past Programs

Shed Unwanted Pounds

Participants received a veggie bowl as an incentive to start working on their diet. April Franco, Sara Lou Frank, and Caitlyn Davis. (April 16, 2021)

SUP was led by Charlene Cook, the previous Director of Operations at the MOC. The program was funded by the Marshall University Center for Rural Health and provided a wide range of offerings. Residents who wanted to learn how to lose weight and exercise sensibly could join the MOC’s Shed Unwanted Pounds incentivized weight-loss group. This support group welcomed residents of all ages, and participants met in the gym twice a week. We often held sessions on cooking light and participants talked about weight loss tips and success stories. The program was followed by line-dancing classes. This program was featured in a number of local newspapers and outlets. In 2014, the Wyoming County Report also featured an article on the MOC’s garden beds for residents with physical limitations.

Count Me In WV- 2020

This page is intended to track our Daily States Progress on the 2020 Census. Info is retrieved from the official 2020Census Website

As of 9/22/2020 Response Rates By Top 5 Surrounding Counties

  • Raleigh County – 56.8%
  • Boone County – 51.0%
  • Wyoming County – 36.5%
  • Mingo County – 28.2%
  • McDowell County – 23.9%

Response Rates By Top 3 Surrounding Cities In Wyoming County

  • Mullens – 52.9%
  • Oceana – 38.5%
  • Pineville – 36.6%

If you have been counted by entering your 2020 Census this year. We thank you!! For a chance at a prize for West Virginia Residents ONLY  by completing your 2020Census please click link below.