RAIL VISTA Leads Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day Event in Mullens

January 18, 2010

Left to Right: Cynthia Wildfire of ECRR, Katheryn Prussia of RAIL and Danny Allgeier of ECRR

RAIL VISTA Katheryn Prussia lead a project that brought together the OSM/VISTAs working in the Mullens Opportunity Center, for the organizations of ECRR, UGWA, and Friends of Milam Creek, to bring a visual display to the students titled “A Walk Through Time: Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2010”. The display consisted of a time line of events, photos, and facts in lower hallway of the school. The grassroots organizations collaborated with Mr. Sid Bradford, the principal of Mullens Middle School, as well as Ms. Eva Crider, a history teacher at the school, to create a visual project to obtain the interest of the target audience, consisting of the students at the middle school. The project produced by the VISTAs was a walking photo and story gallery, addressing different disciplines of the humanities, with a strong draw to history including African American, U.S., and that of the Appalachian Coalfields. In addition to those, the other disciplines the project will be directed toward are law, with a focus in the development and change of racial laws, and visual art.

Katheryn Prussia of RAIL contacted graphic designer Jeremy White, of The Sidereus Brothers, and partnered with him to provide the VISTAs with a poster for the event. He donated the design to the project, and didn’t charge a penny; a $100.00 value. In addition to that partnership, the VISTAs contacted Gregory Carroll, a historian at the West Virginia State Archives, who specializes in African American history in the state. He donated three hours of his time to our research, aiding the VISTAs in finding information in the archives building at the capitol complex; valued at $105.00.

After assembling the display, the VISTAs left it in the hallway for the duration of a week. With Ms.Crider’s permission, the VISTAs were allowed to come to her classes on Friday the 22nd, and play a Trivia Baseball Game with the students. The VISTAs were allowed all of the classes for the day, totaling 7 periods, with approx. 125 students participating in the event. Their reaction was very telling. Some of the students were thrilled to not have to sit through a lecture that day, and were focused on the questions. Surprisingly enough, the 5th graders were the most accurate in answering the questions, and the most reactive when their “team” would score a “run” while the 8th graders, who were currently enrolled in West Virginia History, were the least interested in the game. The VISTAs, as well as Ms. Crider, all agree that the event was a success.

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March 18, 2011

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