From the Mullens Advocate, March 2012

Community Action Team Begins Work on Waterline Hookups for Camper Sites 
at the Mullens Opportunity Center

Mullens, WV Community Action Team
Left to Right: 
Tyler Stafford, Matt Shrewsbury, Ronnie Oneal, Supervisor Bobby McDaniel, and Jeffery Simmons

In the program and not pictured: Casey Phillips, Chris Hicks, Michael Shrewsbury, Stephanie Martin, April Martin, Cody Thomas, and Austin Shrewsbury.

The Community Action Team (CAT) working at the Mullens Opportunity Center (MOC) is making a valuable contribution to community service in Wyoming County. They started work this week on digging ditches behind the Mullens Opportunity Center for water and electric lines for RV and Trailer Hookups. Operating the pavement breaker and digging the 600 foot ditch is hard physical work that the Team is accustomed to. They will install the water lines and professional Electrical Contractor Gordon Brooks will team up Don Shiflett and Reece Neely to install the electrical lines. The Wyoming County commission has provided the stands that will establish fourteen RV and Camper Trailer sites behind the MOC. A grant arranged by Senator Browning will pay the cost of other materials required for the project.

The Community Action Team is a group of eleven youth under 21 years of age that work 12 hours per week and are headquartered at the Mullens Opportunity Center. They work on and construct Community Development in and around Mullens and will provide sustainability for their projects. They will complete and take over operation of the Bugs Stover Arboretum/Outdoor Classroom that is presently under construction as well as other environmental parks and recreational facilities in the planning stages. The CAT’S maintain and upgrade MOC facilities and the Jack Feller Center.

Human Resource Development Foundation (HRDF) pays the salary of the Community Action Team. Those under age 21 may call Mary Ann Cook, Service/Placement Specialist at (304) 436-6383 for information on joining the program. At this time the Team quota is full but those interested can be placed on a waiting list. During the summer it is hoped the hours will be increased to 30 per week and quota increased to 20 making it important to get an application in early for those who wish to join this prestigious program that is providing an important service to the area.

The Community Action Team is made possible by the Wyoming County School Board that provides the base of operation and supplemental on site educational opportunities; Human Resource Foundation that provides financial resources; and Rural Appalachian Improvement League, Inc. that manages the program.

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Volunteers are a vital part of RAIL's success. We are SEEKING VOLUNTEERS! Please contact us if you want to make a difference and join our remarkable work teams.

In September 2010 RAIL volunteers began initiating a plan to invigorate Community and Economic development in the southern coalfields of West Virginia. In the past ten years RAIL has studied the needs of families in Appalachia as well as available resources and other accessible opportunities that can help their community become sustainable. Gaining a better understanding of what is needed has culminated in the Coal Heritage Trail of New Commerce Action Plan. Those implementing this plan, an organization at the grass roots, well understand their work cannot be successful without the help of volunteers and generous resources providers. Anyone interested in participating in this bold undertaking of helping families living in the Appalachian coalfields improve their economic and social conditions may contact for more information. RAIL gets its name from Rural Appalachian Improvement League, Inc. and can best be described as Volunteers coming together as an organization to find ways to best benefit their community

March 18, 2011

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