Beartown School House Renovation assisted by Americorps NCCC Delta 2 Team from Vicksburg, Mississippi

submitted by James Smith November 6, 2011

Beartown School, Wyoming County, WV

The Beartown Community Association along with assistance from a 9-person Americorps NCCC Delta 2 Team continued renovation work on November 3, 4, 5, 2011. RAIL was instrumental in identifying and sharing this team for the Beartown School House renovation efforts. The 100 + year old 2-room structure once housed grades 1 - 6 in this small mountaintop community in Wyoming County, WV. Due to age, decline, leakage, and disrepair the building is now showing signs of the needed repairs it was needing.

This was phase II of the work crews. In June 2011 the ouside of the building was powerwashed and painted with the assistance of a work crew from Central Baptist Church of Douglasville, GA click here to read their story....

Tasks completed by the AmeriCorps NCCC Delta 2 Team over a 2 1/2 day timeframe
  • Loaded (in Mullens) and unloaded (at Beartown) the drywall that RAIL had donated;
  • Torn down the ceiling in the front entry hall and cleaned up the debris including the saw dust that had been placed in the attic years ago for insulation - prior water leakage and the sawdust had created quite a cleanup mess;
  • Tore down the drop ceiling in the 2nd room and cleaned up the debris;
  • Helped put up two sheets of drywall on the ceiling in the eating room;
  • Painted the walls and ceiling in the eating room;
  • Tore down the old coal house that was falling down;
  • Cut brush between the road and the schoolhouse.
AmeriCorps NCCC Delta 2 Team stationed in Vicksburg, Mississippi
Andrew Schill Omaha, NE (Team Leader)
Jenna Perrit South Windsor, CT
Suira Pahman Honolulu, HI
Tina Marie Martini Clinton, NY
Kayli Greene Kingston, GA
Shannen Collins Cocoa, FL
Koran Johnson Vicksburg, MS
Harky Paulson Bend, OR
Kari Galensky Pittsburgh, PA
The team will be traveling back to Vickburg, MS from Mullens, WV on November 7 which is their home base for the 10 months they are working for NCCC. The Beartown Community Association provided lunch for the three days the team were there. The Association wishes to thank this team for their assistance. It was a pleasure to get to meet and work along side all of you for this effort. We hope your time spent in WV was memorable and enjoyable. Again thank you....

Contact information:
Beartown Community Association
Rt 1 Box 162
Matoaka, WV 24736
Work in Progress images supplied by AmeriCorps NCCC

Before images of the water damage to the roof inside the schoolhouse.

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March 18, 2011

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